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Hi, I am a 65 years old housewife, mother of 4 children and granny of 11 grandchildren.

By pregnancies, births, rearing up children and the associated worries, the tension of my skin diminished more and more. I wanted to act against this process of aging and conquer back a piece of beauty.  Through a gift, i am since my   childhood with the spiritual world in touch, so i asked them to help me and show me the right way, what she has done with success.

Stretch marks during pregnancy and face folds disappeared, the skin of my legs and belly became smooth and lifted again.

Also my dekoltee became immaculate again. To my astonishment, the application of the oil within the breasts surface showed to have an amazing effect. Only within a few weeks, my small, hanging breasts became firm and their size rose from 75 A to 75 B.

Once a friend of mine, whose child suffered at that time from Neurodermitis, visited me. I told her about my oil and offered her to try it out on her child. She took a bottle of my oil and rubbed the oil firmly on the skin of the child. A few days later she called to tell me about the unbelievable effect of my oil. What the various Cortison ointments of the physicians had not achieved, my oil had succeeded to do after a few days only! The skin was smooth again and the open sores had nearly healed. From that moment on, the child could spend the night again without terrible itching in bed.

After all of this, I was encouraged to try the effect of the oil also on other persons. Among them were women, men and children. The treatment results were always alike and throughout positive. The sheds of all of these persons were released from the skin, which became thus more smooth, soft and flexible.

All persons with Neurodermitis confirmed the astonishing effect against the itching and fast healing of the concerned skin surfaces.

The same positive effect was observed also with psoriasis (shed lichen).

Scars of burns were smoothed. Acne, age marks and cellulitis disappeared after persistent application of the product.

The use of GrazJa OiL® is very easy. The concerned skin surfaces should be rubbed in during 5 minutes per day. You determine the duration of treatment, until desired success is markable. The use of further creams and lotions is not necessary.

By regular application of GrazJa OiL® during pregnancy, belly stretch marks can be prevented. Even with the twin pregnancy of my daughter with a belly extent of 57.08 inches (145 cm), thanks to the regular massage with GrazJa OiL®, there were no stretch marks during pregnancy formed. Today her belly extent is again 24.8 inches (63 cm) and there are no stretch marks to be found. The gynecologist was of the opinion that it was a miracle that during this period of expansion no stripes had been formed. Today he recommends our GrazJa OiL® for pregnant women.

The effectiveness of GrazJa OiL© was confirmed by independent institutes. Neutral test persons confirmed the positive effect with Neurodermitis, psoriasis (shed lichen), eczema, shed, acne, stretch mark during pregnancy and many further skin disease.

!!!Not recomended for people with a ALMOND allergy!!!

"GrazJa  Oil"


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  Almond Oil

Latin: Amygdalus communis

Plant part: fruit core

Extracting method: pressing

Almond oil is extracted from the fruit core of the sweet almond tree. Almond oil belonged to the classic oils of the antiquity and was at that time a true preciousness. Only its unique scent shifts us in the realm of antique sense joys. Through our closeness to the signal of the fragrance of Cleopatra, we can create timeless moments.


Almond is a mild oil and gives the skin a beautiful and soft feeling. Our almond oil is rich in Vitamin A and B, potassium and magnesium. Its characteristic is the belly care of pregnant women. As known, the notorious stretch marks during pregnancy result from the extreme strech of the connective tissues during pregnancy. With application of almond oil one can prevent these strips. In addition, the use of this vegetable oil against cellulitis is very effective.

 Ylang-Ylang Oil


Latin: cananga odorata var genuina

Plant part: flower

Extracting method: distilling

The ylang-ylang tree is most frequently found in Indonesia and in the Philippines. Its name points to the fluttering flowers of the tree, but can also mean "flower of the flowers". The domestic population of the islands mixes Ylang Ylang flowers to coconut oil in order to prevent fever diseases and to give protectin to the skin and to the hair. In Indonesia people use to strew the flowers on the bed of the newly married couples.

Physical effect:

Ylang-ylang helps to sink the adrenalin mirror, and thus helping the nervous system to relax. It also lowers the blood pressure and the exaggerated heart frequency. By its additional anti-pain and cramp-solving effect it is suitable also for the treatment of nervous stomach/intestine cramps, diarrhea, flatulance and menstruation complains. In the skin care it works efficiently with rough, brittle skin. It helps adjustment of the tallow isolations e.g. with acne and greasy skin as well as with skin itching and wound healing. Since Ylang-Ylang is mild, it can be used for sensitive skin.

Mental effect:

The beguiling and sensual scent of ylang-ylang is used above all in case one does not feel confortable "in his skin". It works relaxing and it brightens the mood and stimulates the senses. It solves ones feelings and fears, which block the contact to itself and outward. During stress, depressive detunings, fears, sleeplessness and nervous exhaustion the flowery scent can be a true benediction. Ylang-ylang is used traditionally also with impotence and frigidity, since it has a strong aphrodisiac effect.

Vetiver  Oil

Latin: vetiveria zizanoides

Plant part: root

Extracting method: distilling

Vetiver is about a 180 cm high tropical plant whichs roots grow deeply in the mark. People use to use it against soil erosions. It has its homeland in India, but it is to find also on Haiti, in Brazil, and in Indonesia. It belongs to the same family as the palmrose lemmongrass. In India it's called Khus Khus and it is used to be mixed in parfumes.

Physical effect:

Its good stimulation of the blood circulation helps with muscle bracing and rheumatic fever. It has a good effect against urticaria and alleviates some sorts of eczemas.

Mental effect:

The mysteriously deep and earthy flavour mediates security and confidence in ones own power and calls one to find more physicalness. From this source may one receive constructing energy, stability and regeneration. Vetiver solves deep fears and tensions and helps to process and forget negative experiences. It has a strengthening and sexually stimulating effect.

Geranium  Oil

Latin: pelargonium roseum

Plantpart: bloom

Extracting method: distilling

Geranium belongs to the pantograph plants (Geraniaceae). Among this kind ranks about 220 to 280 sorts, from which most grow in South Africa and Namibia. The other kinds occur in the tropical Africa, Anterior Asia and Australia and on some islands in the Indian ocean.

Physical effect:

Geranium oil is used particularly in the skin care because of its antiseptic, cleaning and astringent effect with inflammations, acne, dermatitis and dry eczemas. Thus, it can come to the employment of the promotion of wound and scar healing. Beside this it aids also to menstrual cycle problems. For women proves the essence special to be especially effective: it adjusts hormone production with pre menstruation disturbances, cycle fluctuations and change year complaints. In addition, because of its eliminatory effect of cinder materials, it is used with edemas and cellulitis.

Mental effect:

Geranium oil possesses the sensational calm down and good mood characteristic. Therefore it has an inestimable importance in the treatment of nervous efforts and depressions. With other words, it shows the beautiful sides of the life. As fragrance has this essence a psychical balancing characteristic. Particularly with strong psychical pressure and imbalance. With discontentment, feelings of anxiety, despondency and lethargy the fragrance can cheer up and stimulate the spirit. With exhaustion and depression the oil has an energizing effect. With stress, annoyance and excitement it works calming down.

Because of its sweet, fresh and flowery scent, geranium oil is not only to find in many perfumes, but it is used for therapeutic massage too.

Health from Nature

GrazJa-OiL® is a topical skin treatment composition, useful e.g. for combating wrinkles, alleviating neurodermatitis or breast enlargement, comprising geranium, vetiver and ylang-ylang oils contained in base oil.

The oil is extracted from blooms, leaves and roots. It is suitable for the daily care of the entire skin, with exception of the mucous membranes. With regular application, one may do without other skin care preparations, like creams and lotions.

GrazJa-OiL® contains no chemicals and aids to:

  • smoothen the skin, in particular the skin of the face and of the neck. Already after a short time of application (for example two weeks) a noticeable smoothening of the skin can be observed
  • reduce cellulitis and stretch marks during pregnancy
  • decrease and remove skin impurities
  • relieve from psoriasis, neurodermitis and eczema
  • improve dry and flaky skin
  • enlarge female breasts

The ingredients  of GrazJa-OiL® are the ethereal Geranium, Vetiver and Ylang Ylang oils, which already unfold their favorable effect in small concentrations. These oils are composed in similar percentages by volume. This is in particular favorable for the broad action spectrum, which is shown in the combination of the above ingredients. In addition, the employment of the above oils in similar percentage by volume, has the advantage of complementing each other in their effects and their strengths. In fact, none of these ethereal oils dominates, and its smell is particularly pleasant.

GrazJa OiL® is a registered mark and received the European patent. This singular, patented composition of our ingredients unites and optimizes the individual effects of GrazJa OiL® , so that outstanding results can be obtained with constant application of it.

The application of GrazjaOiL® is simple and can be applied on the whole body. It is to be rubbed onto the desired parts of the body, preferably once per day. A bottle contains 6.67 oz (200 ml) oil and it is enough for a daily use of 4 weeks.

For the application of GrazJa-OiL® the following proceedings are recommended:

  • Shake well before use
  • The oil and its components are not for internal application intended
  • A contact with eyes and mucous membranes are to be strictly avoided
  • Not suitable for those where are  allergic on  almonds

Here are some pictures from persons where are already using "GrazJa Oil" and you can see the before/after results from my oil !!! All pictures are published with agreement of all test persons and GrazJa-OiL® users !!!